About me


I just started the blog today. My interests and points of view will probably become more obvious as the blog evolves.

But if you do care,.

I surf, jog, swim, ride my bike and dive. I enjoy a coastal environment, but live in the centre of my country. I don’t like to sit still either, but here I am, stuck to my computer. I feel moderately responsable for our lack of care for the environment and our use of resources, but I do tend to use my car a bit too often as well.
I think about life sometimes and I wonder what the future may hold. I just turned thirty, not feeling too bad about it ‘though. I may not have figured out just as much as I’d expected to. Then again who has?
I like music, movies and enjoy photography. Probably no more than the next guy, but I like to think I do.
I even like to discuss politics sometimes, usually quite late somewhere in a bar,. which reminds me, I probably should read the newspaper a bit more often aswell.
I wonder, sometimes, maybe a lot! And there are numerous things out there that amaze me. I like to figure things out too, but I never really hold answers.  Answers tend to change. They’ve done so throughout my entire life, and they’ll probably keep on doing so.

There’s always new information, some other insight, other perspectives , different opinions.

So let’s share,.. here’s my view

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