The Ocean Clean up


Plastic debris in our oceans is a serious threat to the  environment, our economy  and all life on earth in general. This may sound exaggerated, but surely it isn’t.
General awareness of the danger plastic debris forms to animals and plant life has become more apparent over the past years. Pictures of washed up animals with undigested debris in their intestines aren’t rare these days. Those among you who enjoy a coastal life must have noticed that plastic debris is spread practically everywhere.

These plastics not only affect sea-bound creatures or plants . Beaches littered with plastic debris affect tourism and  cause vessel damage amongst other things. Thus costs our economy. Furthermore they serve as carriers for pollutants and form part in the food chain. Ultimately affecting our health aswell.

Organisations such as SAS (Surfers against sewage) take their part in addressing the problem, but despite the effort, it’s a drop on a hot plate. We should come up with plans to eliminate this form of pollution, but considering the omnipresence of plastics in our day-to-day lives this isn’t a very realistic approach to the whole situation at the moment.

Luckily Boyan Slat cam up with a plan that not only may efficiently clean up the debris, but make it profitable aswell. His idea  has been awarded Best Technical Design at TU Delft and became second at the Isea Clash of the Concepts sustainable innovation award by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.

Take your time to watch this impressive presentation.
Also check out Boyan Slat’s website  for more in depth information. Feel free to donate and support this cause.

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