Stages of deepwater blackouts

Erez Beatus

This presentation of deepwater black outs and samba is the best resource on the item i found thusfar.  Generally you’ll find articles that warn you for the dangers of apnea, without telling you how to recognise these dangers or act on them. Generally it’s all theory. But Erez’s experience allows him to take a real practical approach to the matter. He  gives lots of insightful information and the portrayed examples are clear. This is a must see for freedivers, spearo’s and scuba divers.

Big up for the North Shore Underwater Club who have put the presentation online. A small Effort that will affect many.

Please share!

If you have seen this video, please ensure all divers you know also get to see it. It has already saved lives and if it is promoted to all divers it will save more.

The information on this dvd has saved lives and is important to all participating in freediving activities.   The bottom line safety precaution that would handle instances of blackouts and sambas is always diving with a competent buddy and requiring all dives and underwater training to be watched from beginning to end.

More info

Erez Beatus is the founder of FDI (Free Diving Intenational), he established the Israeli Freediving team and in 2001 he held the CNF (Constant weigth without fins) world record. Later on he became vice-president of A.I.D.A in 2006. You can check out Erez’s personal website here.

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