Fuerteventura trip 2013

Weather conditions are definetely changing. 2013 must have held the darkest, coldest and greyest springtime we have ever experienced in Belgium. Surely, the  Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (KMI) may come up with statistical data to contradict me. Nevertheless, I needed some sun.

So, a couple of friends and I decided to head out to Fuertaventura during the easter holidays. Do some surfing, maybe some snorkling or diving. Generally just have a good time in shorts and flipflops.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to surf, due to a badly healing elbow fracture. But nevertheless I managed to get stoked  when withnessing the conditions. There was a NE-swell coming in  most of the time, so most of the action we got was at Majanicho inside in the morning and Cotillo during the day.

Apparently Cotillo isn’t perceived to be a spot that works well frequently. Swells during winter took all the beachsand and formed it into two good banks. creating a a mellow right and a couple of good lefts that worked well. Which gave me a good argument tricking myself into thinking I wasn’t really missing out, being a goofy footer and all,..

Nevertheless I had a good time ocassionally swimming out with a gopro during surfsessions. Arne, to whom the Gopro belonged, put all useful footage of the trip together and turned it into the below clip. Great memories for us, and hopefully a fun thing to watch for you. So Enjoy !

I found Fuerteventura to ben adventurous island. Although it looks like a big volcanic blob of lava covered in stones, there is quite a lot to see, especially if you decide to forget about the main tourist traps.

We took several roadtrips and visited Puerto Del Rosaria, qn old salt refinery turned into a musuem called Las Salinas,  the restored ancient village of Ajuy and it’s small coastal town. We visited the pirate like cave that can be found near Playa de los muertos, which actually thanks it’s name to the many deaths due to pirate attacks in the early days.

We found a spring in; creating a small oasis covered with palmtrees during our search for the American Star, a shipwreck near the west coast of Fuerteventura. Unfortunately for us, the ship sank almost completely in 2008. Finally, we visited the old firehouse near Cotillo, which is turned into a musuem about the old fishing methods on the island.

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